New gamemode "Auto-Spleef"

Make a minigame called “auto-spleef”, at the start, when the game starts the block below the people turn into a falling block.
And there are the game difficulty ideas:
Easy mode, 40x40 arena, sandstone -> sand, 20 players
Medium mode, 30x30 arena, netherrack -> anvil, 20 players
Hard mode, 20x20 arena, TNT -> lit TNT, 10 players
Extreme mode, 10x10 arena, snow -> air, 15 players

Think hypixel has something like this in party games, but this would be alright as an arcade mode game


Yeah I like the idea

tnt run?


Yeah kind of I think it’s like that

Lots of other games coming in this year if they add it, it will next year

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I think your post belongs in the #suggestions

but yeah tnt run would be fun


This sounds fun but if someone fly hacks then it is a Insta win for them tecanly