New Game : trouble in mineville

Please add new game : trouble in mineville

Murder Mystery is a replacement for Trouble in Mineville. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition doesn’t/didn’t have the right capabilities to have Trouble in Mineville on the Hive Minigames server.


They were going to add timv but they scrapped it and replaced it for mm like food said.


They also said that TIMV would be too complicated for young players to understand, as most of the players are young.

What is trouble in mineville?



I think it looks fun, sad that they did not implement it

I know this is old, but I was curious weather or not TIMV will be added to the bedrock version of the TheHive server.
To see that it is not the case and the gamemode won’t be added is such a disappointment :frowning:
I’m coming from the Java version of the TheHive server and since it’s shutting down, I thought I give the bedrock one a shot.
(All other gamemodes aside) The replacement for TIMV “Murder Mystery”, is not even close to being as fun as the “original”. Being the Murder is fine, but of course that is random and doesn’t happen that often. So most of the time you will be stuck as being innocent, with equals you not being able to do anything for the first few minutes. It is like being in the spawn lobby of the server, you collect stuff, run around and maybe jump from time to time - boring. Even if you eventually get the bow to protect yourself and identify and kill the murder, you will still most likely just get slashed by him because you only have one arrow.
It’s not fun being innocent - it’s actually really boring!
I don’t think someone, who will be able to actually do something about it, will read my message. But I still wanted to write it because Murder Mystery ist super frustrating.

Also, I get that it might be harder to implement TIMV in bedrock, but it’s not impossible. And even if the owners and players would want to keep Murder Mystery, they could. The server is large enough to have both gamemodes on there and with around 10.000 (most of the time even more) players on the server, both lobbies would be full by the blink of an eye.

Please reconsider adding “Trouble in Mineville”, or an equivalent gamemode !!


Since you dig up an old topic I allow myself to answer.
I am also from TheHive Java and I lived, like you, the difficult loss of a loved on (the server).
I arrived on Bedrock with preconception and I never would have bought it, it is only because Microsoft had offered Bedrock Edition to everyone who had bought Minecraft Java Edition before 2017 (if I remember correctly)…
The point is, I’m talking to you knowledgeably, I’ve played TheHive a LOT and what I’ll miss the most is BlockParty, Cowboy & Indians and of course TIMV…
But does that mean that this game mode is “just boring”?
The fact is that this mode of play is more “rhythmic”, more clear. It fits more easily.
You say the only thing to do at the start of the game as innocent is to run while waiting to have a bow to defend yourself? Well sorry to tell you but you play the game badly …

In my opinion, the innocents are the centerpieces of the course of the game, the innocent must remain alert and attentive to the detectives and the murderers, most of my parts as the innocent begin with locating (recover the pieces and observe the others) then a Once I have seen the traitor in action, hide or run to receive the bow within 1 ~ 2 minutes.

I find this game mode more “intuitive”, more chill

If I answer it’s also [especially] because I don’t want this topic to end with someone saying that the game mode is “just boring”…
Good day to all of you :beedance:


Hello I think that MM is already a good gamemode itself but I kinda want to see TIMV as a category of MM instead of a whole gamemode since the player base are of course young kids I kinda wanna play something more challenging and be able to attack the murderer when I have the weapons and the implementation of the tester makes it more challenging while players would look at each other going into the tester doubting each ones roles I think that would be fun I think the current player base will be at ease with this arrangement
(this just opinion)

In case you were weren’t reading the replys:

We originally planned to release Trouble in Mineville but it became apparant early in its developmenet that it unfortunately just didn’t fit on Bedrock.

With Bedrock, we have to cater to players that are playing on a wide range of devices, and we do not feel that this is possible with Trouble in Mineville.

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Ok I get it now just felt a little nostalgic I used to play it so much on hive java

is there a possibility of a new variation to murder mystery that has more timv aspects? i’m just curious to be honest - i do love murder mystery but i really miss timv sometimes!

Dude. That’s (censored) city’s job. Plus we can’t make fun of other servers.