New Game: Survival Mode

A lot of servers have Survival Gamemode but too lag for some people. Can Hive add it? This is a more detailed version so please don’t delete.


  1. Player can claim their site

  2. Everyone can claim 3 chunks
    (3 points to claim)

  3. Hive + people can claim 5 chunks
    (5 points to claim)

  4. If people didn’t make something at the site for
    a week, the site will be unclaimed and give
    back a point to the player.

  5. If the chunk has been claimed, other people
    can’t break blocks, open containers, put
    blocks, or even open doors to prevent others
    wanna raid the house
    (expect the site Owner allowed)

  6. People can live with others.

  7. People can team and the points will combined
    (Example: people A, B and C has 2 points, 1
    points and 3 points, when they combined as
    a team, they all now has 6 point. But if 1 of
    them use it, everyone in their team will
    decreased by one)

  8. Also make an auction house for people to put
    their stuff to let people buy it.
    (Command /auctionhouse, /ah)

  9. Make the server become No PvP.

  10. Make the mobs will drop keys rarely
    (types: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very
    Rare, Legendary)

  11. The keys can open the crates in the Survival
    Mode Hub.

  12. Everyone’s Hot Bar #9 slot will have a book
    named “Settings”. In there, you can set:
    i. Keep Inventory /
    ii. Set Spawn Point
    Open a Form:
    Set Spawn Point as:

    ii. Set Spawn Point
    iii. Open Ender Chest
    (to get item in it quickly)
    iv. Teleport to
    Once click it, then show another form
    like this:


    Teleport to: [ ▽] (search for the server)
    Teleport to: [ ] (Text box, for type
    [ Optional ] player’s name)

           If the people who get teleport access,
           then show this form: 
                        Teleport Request

    Do you want to let %player teleport to you?
    [Yes] [No]

     v. Disable Teleport Window
           Once toggled this, they won't see the 
           window that someone would like to 
           teleport to him, his/her chat box will 
           come out a sentence: "%player want to 
           teleport to you, type /tpaccept or 
           /tpdeny to deal it". If the player doesn't
           reply in 2 minutes, then will count as 
     vi. Player Visibility (drag bar)

    [Invisible] [Only Party and Friend] [Everyone]
    vii. Chat
    [None] [Only Party and Friend] [Everyone]

  13. New Command with Functions

    i. /tpaccept - To accept someone’s teleport
    Usages: /tpaccept - To accept the recent
    teleport request
    (not included
    requests that over 3
    /tpaccept -
    To accept someone’s
    teleport request
    (the people you want to
    accept only, use this
    command when lots of
    ii. /tpdeny - To deny someone’s teleport
    iii. /echest - To open your Ender Chest
    iv. /tpa - To send a teleport request to
    v. /claim - To claim the chunk you’re standing
    vi. /unclaim - To unclaim the chunk that you’re
    Usages: /unclaim - To unclaim the chunk
    that you’re standing
    /unclaim all - To unclaim all the
    chunks you’ve
    vii. /keys - To see how much keys you have.
    What will do:
    Command will send a message like…
    Common Keys:
    &2Uncommon Keys:
    &eRare Keys:
    &9Legendary Keys:
    viii. /open - To open the crates
    <Optional: Count Number | all>
    ix. /lobby - Teleport to lobby
    x. /auctionhouse - open the auction house
    xi. /ah - open the auction house
    xii. /shop - open shop page
    /shop <potion | tool | spawner |
    concrete | wool | etc.>
    /shop buy

    If can afford it:
    Thank you for buying
    If can’t afford it:
    Sorry, you can’t afford this item
    /shop buy <wool | concrete>
    Colors: Black, White, Red, Orange,
    Yellow, Lime, Green, Cyan,
    Light blue, Blue, Purple,
    Pink, Magenta, Brown,
    Grey, Light Grey
    xiii. /resetchunk - reset the chunk griefs
    xiv. /rc - reset the chunk griefs
    xv. /trade - To trade items with others
    /trade - trade with people
    /trade accept - accept
    trade req.
    When Accepted, then disable command
    above and enable command below:
    /trade - item you
    want to
    trade with
    /trade <accept | deny> - Accept or
    deny the
    /endtrade - End the Trade
    xvi. /gift - gift people money
    Once use it:
    /gift confirm - confirm it yea…
    /gift cancel - cancel it yea…
    xvii. /team - team with others
    /team <accept | deny>
    /team rename

Server ID: #

Chunk claimed: /20

Some Important point s to this game

  1. No trap used at people spawnpoint, world
  2. No destroy the things that people haven’t
    claimed the site.
  3. Everyone only have to claim 20 chunks
  4. Since a world will have about 9 billion chunks,
    that means can fit in 450 million players in a
    world. But due to Hive team and everyone’s
    wifi connection, will set a world max size as
    x -16384 z -16384 to x 16384 z 16384.
  5. For seeds, you can use -9, -8, -7… to 7, 8, 9,
    the normal people won’t play, to let the world
    be more new to everyone
  6. For people to play this game, Hive Team can
    make the server be like this form:
    Survival Servers
    [ -9 ]
    [ -8 ]
    [ -7 ]
    [ -6 ]
    [ -5 ]
    [ -8 ]
    [ -3 ]
    [ -2 ]
    [ -1 ]
    [ 0 ]
    [ 1 ]
    [ 2 ]
    [ 3 ]
    [ 4 ]
    [ 5 ]
    [ 6 ]
    [ 7 ]
    [ 8 ]
    [ 9 ]
    Then people click one of them, then they can
    Survival Servers
    [ 01 ]…
  7. The site to claim have to pay money.
  8. A new player will have 3000H money.
  9. For first 3 site you claim need 1500H each,
    3rd to 5th need 2500H each,
    6th to 10th need 4000H each,
    11th to 15th need 5000H each,
    16th to 17th need 6500H each,
    18th need 8000H, 19th need 9000H
    and 20th need 10000H
  10. A team full people count is 5.
  11. If can, make a watchdog for it to prevent
    some people cheated some items from
    creative mode.
  12. You can get moneys by killing mobs, money
    you’ll get here is just for a reference.
    Animals: 5 money each
    Zombie: 10 money each
    Skeleton: 10 money each
    Spider: 12 money each
    Endermen: 30 money each
    Cave Spider: 25 money each
    And others more
  13. Selling items to NPC also can get moneys
  14. For a team, 2 people can have 40 chunks,
    3 people can have 60 chunks
    4 people can have 80 chunks and
    5 people (max) can have 100 chunks

That’s all for now, hope Hive Team can read this
and don’t delete it cuz this is more detailed

Omg its the biggest post I have ever seen but sorry its a duplicate Start new survival mode on HIVE


Oh god that’s long.
Well hive probably won’t add this cause they are a “minigame” server, so they don’t want to make gamemodes which aren’t minigames


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That was the longest suggestion I’ve ever seen!

But, sadly, it is a locked dupe.
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That’s is a very long post

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oooof, you took so much time to type this and its a dupe and prolly will never get added as this is a minigames server

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Yes but there need more information, I also don’t think you’ve read all of them so you’ll say it’s dupe by looking title and some information above only.

Well, you’re right but others minigame server also have these survival gamemode. Why?

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It’s a suggestion that need more details. I’ll post a v2 here later for a full detailed version

Thanks @ItzCosmic727 but I don’t know why they would say it’s dupe, just title duped!

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Well, it looked me 1 and half an hour to type this and yea, I didn’t dupe, I just type the longer version of the link that u guys given.

I just type a longer, more detailed version. If this was a dupe then no one will type the same title or a little bit same of detail! I just use his details and add and fix something inside and now? “This is dupe” “This is dupe”! Why? Where’s the reason!

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To anyone who said this is a dupe, I’ll make a v2 and add more stuffs inside. It wouldn’t looks like the version that you can see in last one and this one!

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Ok … calm down :+1: … u might be feeling angry because u just replied to 8 different people in less than an hour but this probably wont be added because its not a minigame!!

also… ive seen more than half of these features on other less known servers…

The server’s name is Hive Minigames hence they exclusively make minigames, no other server calls themselves a minigame server, just because they have minigames, doesnt mean they only make minigames.

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Very long