New game: SkyGiants

I would LOVE to see SkyGiants be brought over from Hive Java. Its such a fun minigame, and I do believe it deserves its rightful place in the hub. Don’t know what SkyGiants it? Click on the link below and come see! Want this game to be added? Vote here! I think this game should be added because its a great mix of SkyWars and Treasure Wars! Before anyone comes at me and says “This is a duplicate post!” I’m posting this to explain why I think this would be a great game to add. A game like this is nowhere to be found on any other Bedrock server, and it is one of Hive Java’s classics. I bet if this was added, The Hive would gain more players and become more popular. After the Mixed Arcade, I would love to either see some form of CAI, The Lab, or SkyGiants.


They could probably make it a statue for the game as it was a hive favorite


I like this idea, it would be fun but unfortunately I am not a java player yet :frowning:

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I’d love for either this or the lab to be added!

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LOL, i also suggested this, if its on Java, it has to be on Bedrock too!

Like I said to a person a couple days ago the is a lot of other game suggestions that might come before this