New Game: Skirmish

I am well aware that Hive rarely add new games so I do doubt this will be added. I won’t shorten the game for mixed arcade either as that will detract from the quality.

So what is the players objective in skirmish? Well it’s to have a skirmish (du doy). There are 2 teams and each team aims to get the most kills by the end of the match or hit the kill limit.



No cross-teaming
2 teams in a match
10 players per team

Equipment on map


Bow The bow only has 12 arrows and these do some knockback and damage, however the further you pull back the stronger making spamming not viable.

Explosive Crossbow: This Crossbow comes with 4 rockets, it does explosive damage (2 hearts) takes a while to reload and does very little knockback.

Instant wall: This can be placed to block trap players or slow down those chasing you.

Bounce pad: The player picks up two of these and they allow the player to leap higher in the air and reduce full damage, however they can be quickly broken so it’s best not to place them over the void.

Slow trap: This is useful if you are being chased as it lets you slow down your opponents and even break the floor beneath them.

Auto-bridger: We’ve all seen the Auto-bridger, it allows for customisation and people who can’t bridge or want to do customs to bridge.

Spawn Weapons:


Snowballs: You spawn with 2 stacks of these to help fend off enemy players.

Iron sword: You spawn with this to melee your opponents.

Planks: You spawn with 3 stacks of these to bridge across the map.

Stone Axe: You spawn with this to attack opponents but mostly to break through planks or pick them back up.

Armor: This will make sure you don’t die instantly. You’re top half is iron and bottom is chain.

Why this should be added: It can satisfy casual and competitive play, it’s unlike other minigames and a lot can be customized.

This is subject to changed but this is my current iteration I think the Hive should add.

I like this idea, I would love to see a game like this on the Hive. I can not remember though if something like this has been suggested before but I don’t think so. I like the idea of being able to customize and being able to have a simple PvP game to practice and fight in.

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Yes this is a good idea

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