New Game: Scavenger Hunt

This would be a game where you have to race everyone else to find all of your items first, kind of like bingo

Basic Objective

The basic idea is that everyone is given 9 items (one for each hotbar slot) and they have to look around the map for these items. everyone would have different items to find; there would be about 16-20 players. the first person to find all 9 of their items wins. the items would be hidden around the map, crafting could be on.

Map ideas

Construction Site
Leisure Centre

(these are just suggestions)

Levels and Unlocks


I think there should be 20-40 levels and the more items you get the more xp you achieve. winning would also give you xp.


Scavenger boots: boots with different materials and colours
Search Trail: small particles that emit for you, but not as obnoxious as the ones in JB. these could be coloured swirls, hearts, thunderclouds etc.
Hubtitles: The hunter, the searcher, etc.
Avatars: a mixture of monsters and random things
Costume: a kind of detective

Hope you like the idea, vote if you do, and post feedback and suggestions down below.

cool…its a good idea

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Yees I would like to epicly rush to find stuff and bingo is pretty fun.

This sounds cool and all, but it’s a lot like Hypixel’s LTM’s (grinch sim, scuba sim, and so on)

nah its not like that too much, while you do have to find things in those sims everyone has to find the same things and each ones give different points (iirc) but with my one everyone gets different things to find.

Oh no both games are about finding things, it’s a copy!!!
Hypixel invented finding.


Yeah but it’s to similar to be added. As lots of servers have stuff like it.

This is a great idea! :)

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