New Game: Mini Treasure Walls

This game would be an adaptation/reimagining of the Mini Walls gamemode on Hypixel. Before you say this is a dupe, the only suggestions I saw were for big Walls. I think Mini Walls fits Hive better.

Teams and Gameplay Details

There would be 4 teams of 4 all fighting each other on one small island. Each team has a big treasure with an hp system like in TW Mega. Here’s where it strays away from the original Mini Walls: Each island would have a shop and you get coins from dealing damage to other treasures and killing enemy players. The walls could be the border from Skywars and would disappear after ~30 seconds.

Gold System

You start the round with 50 gold so you have something to spend in the shop for the first 30 seconds. Each kill is worth 15 gold and each treasure destroyed is worth 150.

Thank you for reading my topic! :smile:

Correct me if I’m wrong but is this not just CTF but with 4 teams?

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You wouldn’t capture the treasure, you would destroy it like the boss treasure in TW megas. Otherwise they are very similar.

I mean, true, but I mean it’s giving a lot of CTF/TW vibes, which I feel like is not something that many people want.

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treasure wars without bridges and with different mechanics? You take one of the most popular games on hive and make it faster and more rush-heavy? VOTED!


My opinion on this has heavily changed due to the bedwars update. This would be a pretty cool idea that can give some nostalgic vibes of TW while keeping the newer game vibe to it. Voted!

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