New Game: Labyrinth Warriors


People get spread out in a random maze, find and craft weapons and armor, avoid traps, and kill players.

Players can find chests (lots of them) throughout the labyrinth which contain materials for crafting weapons and armor, and other special loot.

-Leather (common)
-Flint (common)
-Feathers (common)
-Wood (common)
-Gold (common)
-Stone (common)
-String (uncommon)
-Iron (uncommon)
-Diamond (rare)

Aside from other players and your bad internet, traps are another threat in this game.


  1. Poison Blocks: They give you poison for 7 seconds.

  2. Fire: Fire.

  3. Surprise Boombox: A pressure plate throws two boomboxes at the player, exploding in 4 seconds, giving time for the player to run.

  4. Zombie Guards: Oh, just the local labyrinth guard equipped with chain armor and a stone sword. Appears alone or with 2-3 of them.

  5. “Cleverly” Disguised Pit: Part of the floor is not actually the floor and can lead you to a pitfall. This bad floor has a different tint of the regular floor color. Falling in the pit deals damage and sends you back. You can jump over them.

  6. Skeleton Guards: Oh, just the local labyrinth guards, equipped with gold armor and a bow and arrow.

More information:

-Crafting tables are commonly found in the maze. This is where you craft!

-The middle area has an enchantment table with chests nearby filled with lapis and xp bottles.

-Killing a player gives you all their items and XP.

-No one ever spawns very near to the middle.

-Paths are 3 blocks wide

okay? You’ve thought of the whole minigame :slight_smile:


If the whole gamemode is a maze then it would be pretty frustrating to find a player or a chest to kill, a maze could give player’s unwanted headache or bad server expiriance, in my opinion I wouldn’t want a maze to solve and being worried a player could kill me any time. Thank you for the suggestion and the time given for you to type it!

Wow, this is actually a REALLY good idea. I really hope this gets added.

And by maze, are you thinking of a small 1 block wide maze path, or a 3 block wide path maze. I can see this being fun if the size of the paths are large.

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3 blocks

I might edit the post

This seems interesting

should go into mixed arcade