New Game: Compliments

You have such a well-designed profile picture!

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You give good forum takes

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You have a funny profile picture!

You’re very active


You’re very truthful. :heart:

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You’re an extremely og Hive Bedrock Forumer. You also have the most likes :heart:

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u r very fun to play with on tw duos

You’re a god at treasure wars :heart:

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I like your profile picture. I don’t know why, but it’s just very interesting.

Your name is interesting!

You’re a great person.

I thought you were cool so I gave you hive+

you gave me hive+ <3

(btw im gonna send a friend req)


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Idk either

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You are the only Speedrunner for TW Win% in “Speedrunning” The Hive and I like that.

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You have a funny forum name!

You’re a regular :>