New Game: Coin Runners!


I think that a game using the murder mystery weapons and coins could make a great game. The objective is to run around the big maps and collect coins. The person who has the most coins at the end wins.

More information:

I listed the big rules of this game above, but here are some more ideas:

  • treasure wars style item shop to buy mm weapons & throwables some do small damage some do big damage.
  • when you die you drop half of your coins for other people to pick up.
  • everyone has speed boots.
  • there is a box with the current leaderboards in the top right corner of your screen
  • also in the top right are k/d counters from snow wars
  • the winner is who has the most coins at the end of the 10 minute game

I think this would fit in great with the rest of hive, and it is unique from other servers.

Plz consider my idea! :smiley:

This is kinda like the sonic mini game I forgot the name.


This is a pretty interesting idea, it sounds a lot like ring royale from the sonic event, which was pretty fun

This seems like too much time for such a sped up game
I’d recommend no more than 3 minutes


I agree but it would be cool to have all the time and in this idea you can kill then steal coins in the sonic game there was not the same pvp system.

Ok! I said some thing that may be very specific, I understand if a few minor tweaks need to be made :smiley:

I forgot to add, I think this game should have a lot of levels, like 100-350 so it never gets pointless to easily.

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100-350? This would take serious amounts of time for the hive. And as mentioned above me, it’ll be pretty similar to the sonic event with minor tweaks

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  • As I said above tweaks can be made to my idea cause I have no idea how hive development works,
  • I am hoping giant maps with the right atmosphere will make it feel different then sonic, but it doesn’t matter that much if sonic is not currently on the hive.

Teams could also be fun

It could be an Arcade minigame, which is already announced, but 10 minutes seems like a lot to me, no more than 3 minutes

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I like it, but it seems exactly like Ring Royale from the Sonic Event. As Voyage said above to it could be in the Arcade. Who knows


Is there a hive arcade? I don’t know what that is. (I’m on bedrock)

That is probably true, idk I used to play hive every few months now I play hours every day for the last 6 months. I based this off the mariokart8 battle Coin Runners which had a different gameplay then what I saw on the hive sonic videos cause I wanted this to be a big pvp arena with coins for scoring and like I said, I have no idea how hive development works so I’m fine with changes to the idea I just want to grind this cause it sounds fun!

Yes. “The Arcade” is a permanent gamemode being worked on right now

Oh ok! Will it be accessible in the same way as the rest of the games are? :smiley:

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Yes! It will.

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Is there any current screenshots or trailers on this update yet?

The only place that teases at it currently is the Hive’s Year In Review: Goodbye, 2021. Hello, 2022!

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Ok thx!!! :smiley:

Yeah, I agree, this would be a fun game in an arcade style. In some sort of party games type mode. I just don’t feel like would be a great game to stand on its own. Maybe it could be a good LTM though.

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