New/(G)old Survival Games Maps!

Hey, i feel like Survival games is missing out on a few maps, considering its popularity,
There were a ton of legendary SG maps on the Java Version of the hive like Isla del Rosa, Forlorn, SG7, Breeze Island 2, SG6, Catching Fire, Eau de Source.
I believe many people would be extremely happy old member will get nostalgic and the younger generation can also expierience the greatness of these maps, maybe at least some.
I would be realy happy if you could consider this idea :slight_smile:


You should change the #games to #suggestions so that people can vote on this idea. I think it would be nice to have some of those old maps though they would likely be revamped to some extent so that it could include newer blocks to the game.

Another reason is that they may not have the maps files


That would be great :heart_eyes: