New: Cursed Answers


How many slices of pineapple pizza did you eat today?


What is the best fruit?


what is the worst food?

@NoUsername Bitter Gourd Gang

What’s it like playing on the Hive for you?

its cursed answers @Centuria

boring, i only do it during exams

what is the hardest part of life

Having free time.
What’s the most disgusting ever

Fried octopus

Also how do you feel scissors that u got exposed lol

Who do you have a crush on?

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Just kidding
In terms of I-know-this-person-so-I-like-them, probably Arianna or Pleebs. In terms of skill, (since you said “best”), xiAaliyah or EnderKitKat3D.

Which person do you want to punch 100 times in the face and then kick off a cliff?

hm probably @Centuria

who is your favourite forumer

It’s… me…
How many peoples did you eat?

Like 300.

How many crushes do you have?


who do you love on the forums?

The fact you’re on it (jk you’re cool)
Real answer is crappy forum games/off topic posts made for likes

What is the first letter of your first name?


What is your own definition of the word ‘carrot’?

Velvet things

What are your thoughts the last time you died?

Because air is actually blue. The reason you only see the blue when you look at the sky is because only a vast amount of air makes the blue visible

How many wins do you have in all of the games on hive combined

I love this game so much.

What do you want to eat for dinner tonight?

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Scaffolding ftw

Favorite thing to do to people?


Most hated person in the World?


Or Mangoboi. Or Pleebz. Actually I can’t decide. They’re all awesome!

What’s your favorite food?