New currency as to follow up the new 1.17 update

Make the Amethyst as a new currency in TW. It generate at the center of the map with 20s cooldown for generating a geode. It can be used for team upgrade such as higher kb for projectile, more armor protection, more damage for melee weapons, etc.


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make sure you vote for your own suggestion!!

also i don’t think it will be possible as the server provides support for multiple versions of the game, including 1.14, 1.16 and the amethyst ore does not exist in those versions

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The Hive doesn’t function on anything but 1.16 right now.

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That’s a good suggestion I like it. But it has some cons on how the server works

It’s really good! But the server may not be able to do this

ah, didn’t know that

but 1.16 doesn’t have it, and some people wont be updating cuz of the better fps and performance in 1.16, atleast until it gets fixed

I don’t see the point of adding a new currency for team upgrades. Twars is already in a pretty good state for balance, adding more stuff would just disrupt that.

I think the cuurent ores used are fine maybe in the future :ok_hand: