New command: /move or /transfer

Summary: New command which transfers you to a specific server.

More information: There is already a command which shows which server you are on (/connection), but what’s the point of this if you can’t transfer to other servers?
Example commands: /transfer HUB23, /transfer SG-DUOS42, /transfer DR51
This is just an idea of mine that I’ve had for a while, but what do you think?

Hi there👋, may I ask what is the point of this thoe? Isn’t there like queue or /hub (random number) type of thing or did I get you wrong?

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/queue puts you or the party into a queue for a new game (/queue SG)
/hub sends you to the hub

Isn’t your suggestion and these commands the same or am I dumb

Not the same because the new command would transfer you to a specific server. (/transfer HUB61 would take you to the server ‘HUB61’)

I’d agree that /hub(random number) basically does nothing it sends you to a random hub not even the specific number you typed it! Alright I’ll vote see if it’s gonna be added but I prefer them fixing the /hub command as it will be more easy

Wait, does that mean that if you were to do, say, /transfer SG-DUOS42, like your examples above, you would be able to go into that specific Survival Games Duos server and spectate even if you have no friends in that server?


Yes. (filling up the space because it has to be 20 characters+)

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I don’t feel like this part is particularly necessary since you can join friends in the menu and I can see this command being abused. i.e. game sniping people, following around people that aren’t on your friends list, etc.

I do agree that the hubs one would be helpful as I can confirm that /hub [number] doesn’t actually take you to a specific hub, it puts you in a random one