New command /modcall

This command would be for partner ranks
/modcall will announce to all online moderators that this certain partner needs help or is getting hacked on this is for more urgent things like a stream sniper that keeps on bugging a content creator while live.

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if this feature was implemented for partners mods it should appear as a request that each mod can accept or deny. If a mod accepts it disappears for the rest of the mods so not multiple mods deal with one situation.


No offense but it doesn’t seem like a to big issue shouldnt we care more
about normal people getting hacked on rather than the small number of yts?

Great suggestion, I have doubts this would ever be implemented. I feel like they need a /report system with faster turnaround for this to work.

There’s just not enough mods for them to take their attention away from dealing with other reports. I guarantee they get backed up with what reports they currently deal with.

I do like the idea of YouTubers getting a panic button though… :smile:


this is needed so Fil McCrack can stop trolling Youtuber’s voted lol

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