New block drop power up

After a while block drop can get a bit stale so I believe a great way to combat this would be to add a new power up

In my opinion a good power up that that both be fun to use and to combat would be invisibility. The say it would work is that when you get the power up you would consume it by clicking on it (like most power ups) and then you turn invisible for 3 seconds. People can still see your affect on blocks but they can’t see your body.

Why this would be useful
This would be useful in the late game when most people have nemos and you are trying not to get hit you could activate your invisibility to make it harder for people to hit you

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment any changes below
Ps: this is my first suggestion so please be nice

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It’s true that Block Drop can get a bit repetitive sometimes! I think new powerups would be able to change that.

As for this, I feel like invisibility would be a bit confusing to the players around you, as seemingly random blocks would start falling. Another possible downside would be if players used Knockback Nemos while they were invisible. I think this would create a bit of confusion.

Personally, I don’t think that powerups should be added for the sole purpose of countering other powerups because that would make the countered power up much less useful and the new powerup would also be useless outside of that single scenario (in this case, the shields being useless outside of avoiding nemos).

Also I’m confused about why you said welcome to the forums to someone who joined a year ago and has made several posts

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This is why I said welcome. I thought that “first suggestion” meant they were new to the forums. I agree with your thoughts about “counter” powerups. Now that I’ve though for another few hours I disagree with my previous statement about shields. I’m going to delete the topic.

I think a way hive could deal with this problem is if they put a message in chat to all players saying “a player has gone invisible on your layer” so that way there is no confusion.

The hive could make it so you can’t use a nemo while invisible or maybe when you hold the nemo you turn visible

In my opinion I think there are more uses than just countering the nemo like you could cut someone off and they would be l see likely to realise it or maybe hive could add a few more offensive powerups and then invisibility would be more useful.

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