New Baloons Item

Item name: Balloons

Cost: 3 or 4 diamonds per

Supply: Limited 3 per merchant

Action: Forcefully pushes/flys the user up 20 or more blocks and land on the ground taking no fall damage

Use: Saving yourself from the void when knocked in by using the item and landing back onto the island

My own opinion: It’s another way to save yourself from the void ALTHOUGH, it can be used for other purpose and in conjunction with other items such escaping from someone’s island after destroying their treasure or temporarily escaping a fight, giving you time to maybe eat a golden apple and heal or escaping entirely

Downsides: On some maps, it may be possible to fly to unreachable areas of the map

Summary: An item that fly’s you in the air and can stop you from dying in the void or help you escape a fight

Edit: This item is mainly targeted towards mobile player who cannot ender pearl clutch but also has other uses making it also useful for pc


Ballons should only push the player up 5-6 blocks imo for like 2 diamonds, thenyou could chain balloons for a higher lift.

Balloons should just slow your fall for a couple seconds then pop, removing the slowfalling effect making the player take fall damage.
This would make it not as op.

Speaking of popping ballons, shooting a ballon with an arrow or hitting it with melee, it should immediately pop


Yeah those are some good suggestions. They should be added alongside it

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I like this idea but I feel like tweaking the idea

My suggestions

  1. After you’ve reached the limit of 20 blocks, how about the balloon giving you a slow falling effect first before it pops where you’ve reach a proper elevation.
  2. The balloon on the shop should be expensive itself as this is op for saving yourself from dying on void.
  3. If using sbs only, it should be 2 tries as the first one only makes the enemy slightly fall slower but the second try loses the slow effect in total.

This doesn’t really have a unique use, since three of the current items already do the things you suggest it would be useful for (Knockback boombox, enderpearl, and chorus fruit).

Yes but it’s kind of all of those rolled into 1 + you can fly in the air unlike any of the other items. It would take 5-6 seconds before you start falling giving plenty of time to heal or maybe enderpearl away. Or you could fly up to reach an enemy who is staircase-ing over you

Hello there,
i like the idea of having an item to save yourself from the void, BUT:

  1. There already is the ChorusFruit
  2. It might cause problems with the anti-cheat system
  3. It will definitely get abused by someone, finding a way to glitch out of the map…
  4. You can just learn to e.g. enderpearl clutch, to prevent dying in the void

Have a nice day :wave:

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Firstly, Chorus fruit teleports you to your base, where as the balloons will make you fly up directly in the air and be able to land where you fell and maybe rejoin the fight.

You won’t be able to move whilst the balloons are shooting you in the air , and should only be able to move after you have reached your peak, as you will be descending with slow falling

Mobile players can’t really ender-pearl clutch so this would be a very useful item for them as its more user-friendly and easier to do than trying to quickly look up, throw and ender pearl, quickly look down, place some blocks and then bridge up.

Barriers can easily be placed in many spots around the treasure wars maps to also prevent finding and glitch spots

The only spots you would find would also be accessible with ender pearls so they should already be patched within the current version of treasure wars right now.

I like this idea! However, the ender pearl and the knockback boombox do already have a lot of these qualities (such as escaping from fights and saving yourself from the void).

This item is mainly targeted towards mobile players who don’t know how to or find it hard to ender pearl clutch. Also, the ender pearl is mainly a 1 way escape, meaning that once you use it and heal up, you can’t go back to the fight. Whereas balloons allow you to escape and then float down back into the fight.