New Arcade Game: Shattered History / Archeology Wars 🏺

How Does it work? / Details :question:

This Game will have Solos, Duos, Trios, Squads and Mega. PvP is involved

There will be different teams competing each other to find missing pieces of a giant clay jar, first to find all the missing pieces wins. Along the way there will be also artifacts that you will find like, fossils, rune stones, treasure chests, jewelry, cloth, rocks, ancient scriptures and text, spell books, etc. . .

Also, you will start with a wooden pickaxe, to upgrade it, you need to sell the artifacts

These artifacts will give you XP, the amount of XP that the artifact gives will depend on it’s rarity. You can also sell the artifacts to upgrade your pickaxe (Value of artifacts depend on rarity).

For Example,

  • Fossils will be worth 2 XP
  • Rune Stones will be Worth at 3 or 4 XP depending on its variant.

And so on. . .

Types of Spellbooks :open_book:

Reveal - This Spell Book will not give you XP, but if you activate it, you will see the outline of the buried artifacts for 1 second, not all artifacts will show an outline because if it did the spell books would be too overpowered. Also this item will be extremely rare.

Curse - Makes your opponent blind for 3-5 seconds or reduces the durability of their Pickaxes

Support - Grants the ability to summon a monster to help you sabotage your opponents or help you mine (Monster will disappear after 10-30 seconds)

Equipment and tools :hammer_and_pick:
(Inorder to obtain these artifacts, you will need proper equipment like. . . )

  • Brush
  • Pickaxes
  • Hammer
  • Map
  • Flashlight / Head Light
  • Shovel
  • Helmet

Duration and Time :stopwatch:

7 Minutes

Max Level

Level 40 or 60

Map Suggestions :world_map:

  • Archeology Site
  • Cavemen
  • Mining Area
  • Hive’s own version of the deepdark
  • Ancient Roman City
  • Ancient Egyptian Temple
  • A random guy’s Backyard (For good measure)

Unlocks and Cosmetics :funeral_urn::amphora:

(DISCLAIMER! These are Examples Only)

  • Level 5 - Yellow Helmet Cosmetic
  • Level 10 - Treasure Map Cosmetic
  • Level 15 - “WHAT A FIND!” Hub Title

And so on. . .

How to gain XP? :sparkles:

  • Finding artifacts
  • Adding a fragment to the jar
  • Putting the final piece of the jar
  • Killing opponents

That’s a really cool and unique idea for a game, I like it!

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I think costumes are supposed to be more rare than that

Also, what unlocks will you get to make the game look better?

Cool game, but some changes would help :))


Unlocks and Cosmetics

(Examples Only)

Level 5 - History Teacher Costume
Level 10 - Noob Archeologist Costume
Level 15 - Amateur Archeologist Costume + “WHAT A FIND!” Hub Title

These are examples only. I’m still gonna update the post when I think of some more ideas.

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No I mean like leap trail or in-GAME cosmetics

Edited the Post, Hope you like the new changes! :slightly_smiling_face:

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This idea is very great !!
Some players like me, who prefer more peacful games (totally not beacuse of bad pvp skills) would love this !!

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I added a new idea for the minigame, hope you like it! :slightly_smiling_face:

This idea is good. Voted.

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Added the Duration time for the Minigame, I forgot to put it when I last edited the post. :beedance:

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This could be in the arcade!
Also bump!


Yes. A perfect game for it. I don’t think it would fit with the other games tbh

Good idea, but the game might get sort of boring after a while, because it sounds just like a mining simulator. Maybe there should be a way to sabotage other teams? This could be done by allowing people to steal other teams’ pieces or break other teams’ jars. Adding some sort of pvp element would definitely make it less repetitive.

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Bump! (Sorry) Let’s hope this will be the Arcade’s Secret Game! :crossed_fingers:

Well uh
Hive has been working on arcade for a long time, I doubt they would instantly add a suggestion that was suggested in March

The arcade not mixed arcade

Hey there :wave:
I cannot describe this beautiful suggestion. You have my vote.
Archeology wars will definitely attract a lot of players to the Hive, and if Hive supports Archeology wars (if it gets added) with updates in the future I’m sure this game would be successful :smile:

Have a Beetastic day/evening! :beedance:

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Bump, there are (I think 3-5) pedestals with no NPCs on it in the arcade hub.

Bump for new forumers to see, and I added new features to it. If you think some features are too OP or useless or boring, let me know so that I can improve it.