New Arcade Game: King of the Ladder

Disclaimer: I searched it up, and I couldn’t find anything similar, so here I am suggesting another idea…

What is King of the Ladder?

Anyone who has watched YouTubers play something like this will already have an idea of what the concept is. Essentially, there are a bunch of ladders that you will have to jump onto and climb as the ground below you starts to crumble. The first player to reach the top wins. There are also some islands with chests that you can loot to find special items. Each player will also start with a stone sword and 3 snowballs. PvP also plays a pretty big part in this game. However, a 15-second grace period will be in place to prevent spawn-killing and cleaning. Pretty simple, right? Well, I have some ideas up my sleeve that could make this simple little arcade game unique…

What are charging stations?

On some islands, you will be able to find chests with loot in them. On other islands, however, you will find charging stations. What are charging stations? Charging stations are little areas with particle effects representing the block you stand on. Each of these charging blocks will give you different effects after a charge depending on what they are. Here are the types of charging stations, their various charge times, and the effects they give…

Speed Charging Station (Diamond Block)

  • Grants the user speed 2 for 8 seconds
  • Charge Time: 5 seconds

Jump Boost Charging Station (Emerald Block)

  • Grants the user jump boost 5 for 8 seconds
  • Charge time: 8 seconds

Levitation Charging Station (Iron Block)

  • Grants the user levitation 4 for 12 seconds
  • Charge time: 10 seconds

Energy Charging Station (Gold Block)

  • Grants the user absorption and regeneration for 6 seconds
  • Charge Time: 5 seconds

I think adding something like this would incentivize players to take risks and bring something fresh to the table. I say risk because your charge time will be reset if you take any form of damage while charging. Anyways, let’s look at the loot you can find…

What loot can you find in chests?

As stated before, some islands have chest loot that you will be able to find. Unlike my other suggestions with look involved, however, there aren’t any chest tiers. Let’s have a look at what could be inside the chests, shall we?

Chest loot

  • Iron Sword
  • Ember Sword
  • Knockback Nemo (1-3 hits)
  • Boombox
  • Gold Helmet
  • Gold Boots
  • Gold Chestplate (Rare)
  • Gold Leggings (Rare)
  • Iron Helmet (Rare)
  • Iron Boots (Rare)
  • 2-4 Snowballs (Rare)
  • Ender Pearl (Rare)
  • Bow (May have punch)
  • 1-2 Arrows

Well, this loot pool looks pretty small. However, there is more than just the loot and charging stations that makes this fun arcade game stand out. Let’s dive into Brewing Stations…

What are brewing stations?

At first glance, these may sound similar to charging stations. However,
they are different. Instead of giving players effects, these give players potions they can use on other players depending on what they get. What does a brewing station look like? Brewing stations are areas on islands that are occupied by a large cauldron and other brewing materials. However, you will have to tap on a cauldron in order to get a potion. Once you tap on a cauldron and get a potion, the cauldron explodes and disappears into thin air. First come, first serve. Anyways, here are the potions you can get from brewing stations…

Brewing station potions

  • Poison II Splash Potion (8 second effect duration max)
  • Harming Splash Potion
  • Slowness II Splash Potion (8 second effect duration max)
  • Weakness Splash Potion (12 second effect duration max)
  • Master Splash Potion (Harming + Weakness II & Slowness IV for 6 seconds) (Rare)

I feel adding an exclusive way of obtaining a specific group of items not only gives the items more value, but it also acts as a way of having these items in the game without players getting too much of these specific items. Not only that, but it adds something fresh and unique to the game.


In conclusion, I think that this game would fit perfectly in the upcoming Mixed Arcade. The concept is not 100% original. However, I feel that if Hive added some unique twists to the game, it could work. Anyways, what are your thoughts? Do you think this game would work well with the Mixed Arcade? If so, feel free to vote!


I think this will probably be something added in the Mixed Arcade game. I feel like that this has a little too much details and would be hard to develop inside a small minigames-filled arcade game. I still would love something like this to be added into Mixed Arcade. Thus, you have my vote!

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That’s kinda the point.

Let’s not forget that Hive has other games such as Block Party coming to the Mixed Arcade. I’ve seen plenty of people make King of the Ladder maps. If a couple of people can make a King of the Ladder map, I’m sure Hive can make their version of King of the Ladder with ease.

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This idea is incredible, and I would definitely play it! I think absorption and regeneration could be separate blocks, like absorption in the gold block and regeneration in the Redstone block! One thing that would be nice, too, is that you have a small chance of finding Knockback Protection armor. But either way, it would be an incredible game to see both Mixed Arcade and a Minigame itself!

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I am amazed of how dedicated you are with the minigames. I admire your work so much! :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s a very cool idea

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Yes, the idea is good and as they said it can be added for a mixed arcade

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Remembers watching PopularMMOs play this

Heck yeah