Never Have I Ever!

Can’t say that I have

Never have I ever gotten lost before

I have But not more than Zoro from One Piece

Never have I ever lost a game of HnS

I have

Never have I ever slap a person

I have!


Never have I ever eaten an entire lollipop without biting it!

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I have
Never have I ever had terrible flavored jelly beans

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i have it was meat flavored, but it tasted horrible

never have i ever ate paper lol I’ve never but jw

i was young
i dont know why i did it
it tasted like nothing. i had the sense not to swallow it though.

never have I ever cut my own hair with those safety scissors at school

I haven’t, but a kid in my class had (we were in 1st grade iirc)

Never have I ever watched anime

I have (trust me it’s not worth it)

Never have I ever had my most recent device run out of battery

I have (happening right now)
Never have I ever swallowed a piece of paper

Never have i ever touched grass this month

I haven’t!
Never have I ever played survival mode

I have
Never have I ever scolded a teacher at school


I have never said not hi back to anybody

Never I don’t think

Never have I ever tried California rolls

Never :woman_shrugging: I have never even entered California.
Never have I ever purchased something with my moms credit card without asking permission + getting caught at the end.

I’ve never…

Never I’ve ever had the possibility to jump from the 10 meter tower


Never have I ever visited the tallest building in the world: Burj Khalifa.

never have i ever had a pet

I have and ngl I want another doggo
Never have I ever bought a costume gift from quest shop and used it on yourself