Nerfing diamond swords in sg

i think being able to have a diamond sword in the first 3 minutes of the game while people are still under geared with leather armor is a little too strong. personally i think diamond swords should be in supply drops. i think this can make it more fair for everyone when they fight over the drop you don’t get 3 hit by a diamond sword user but instead have a fighting chance against someone with similar gear. i see myself dying to diamond swords a lot even though i was winning the fight & projectiles aren’t always something i have. but yeah that’s just something to make fights last longer & more fair instead of having people 3 hit you & you get killed instantly.

I think he said he wanted them nerfed…


he was asking for them to be nerfed. he knows theyre in the game

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I mean the goal is to get things that are okay before going after a supply drop
If someone has even an iron sword and armor, 1v1ing them is hard (not impossible, hard). I’ve made the mistake many times, and it goes wrong 95% of the time. Survival Games is skill and luck, both of which must either outrule the other one or balance.
Diamond swords are sad, but if you can combo a guy with one at the beginning of the game you have a high chance of winning.

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