Nerf prot in Skywars

After several times where I have died to people with ridiculously high amounts of remaining health in fights where I seemed to be dominating fairly well, I noticed a common link between all of them was that my opponent had the protection 1 diamond helmet. After running some tests on the Hive and in private worlds to compare, I have fairly conclusive proof that the defense value for the prot 1 helmet is MUCH higher than it should be. In the clip I have (cant attach because file type isnt supported) it shows me getting hit 13 times with an iron sword and taking 0 damage, while when tested in a survival world with no natural regen to simulate the Hive’s very slow regen rate, I took 6 1/2 hearts of damage. I feel it is completely unfair that an armor piece is that strong, especially since they say its prot 1 when it is definitely MUCH stronger than that. I dont know if this is a bug or not, but either way please nerf it to where it’s supposed to be.

that’s probably the absorption hearts they are broken. prot isn’t that bad considering you only get it from the mystery chest


I saw a video someone shared on discord where they literally took no damage from 13 hits with and iron sword
Edit: @AfloatSign13522 was the one who sent the video lol, didn’t read the username


sharp 1 doesn’t really do anything tbh same damage as diamond sword

Oh rlly, should just use diamond then.

It still get’s the point across tho, taking no damage shouldn’t be possible.

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very true . even though it’s not possible to get 4/4 prot i’m pretty sure. the only prot i’ve ever gotten was helmet and boots

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I’d recommend always using the sharp 1 iron sword over the diamond because then people won’t know if you have the sharp 1 or 2. :+1:


@AfloatSign13522 said they only had prot 1 helmet

there is also boots. i’ve gotten both in the same mystery chest. then there is a blast prot chestplate. Then idk about leggings

Yeah, I had the same problem. I used a sharp 2 Iron Sword with full diamond and even with the insane combos I got, my opponent took no damage whatsoever. The protection enchantment needs to be nerfed as it makes people take little to no damage even though they are being hit with a sharp 2 Iron Sword.


@SoccerMaster is right the red Stone ore gives hearts.

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The thread isn’t about restone ore.

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Honestly if you have any knowledge of the game then your gonna get the same gear, each player starts out with the same stuff and can end with the same stuff if they play it correctly, mining ores etc, they might have protection, but you could have life spells, grapples and other stuff to counter it

honestly, very true
ive gone against people with full dia armor and my sharp 2 sword, and they still manage to kill me even tho i hit them like 10 times
i see how much damage i dealt, its “they had 8.5 hearts left” like bruh how

This is a small bump but hear me out, prot is broken. Literally, I’ve had people on 6 hearts left when I clearly did more than that. It’s very annoying and yes it should be nerfed.

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Once with @BlueSlimeMC we were playing SW DUOS and a random Diamond Helmet Prot 1 showed up.
I strafed to not get hit. I hit him way more times than he did, I still died, and he had a couple more hearts…

Dude, I think I have plenty of knowledge of the game considering I have a 74% wr, 20 k/d, and I was #47 on the May leaderboard after only a week of playing. Statistically speaking I am a very good player (although looks can be deceiving I guess lol) and this gives me problems. Theres no ‘skill’ to getting a prot 1 helm, I have had situations where I mined ~20 emerald ore looking for one and didnt get it. Also gaps make no difference if youre already at 15 hearts, and life spells give me the equivalent of a 25% hp boost, but thats irrelevant when my opponent is already 3x tankier than I am.

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Agreed. Protection needs to be nerfed if they even consider adding Netherite armor – please don’t.

I want your free time

I have this problem and it gives players a unfair advantage, this is a good suggestion for SkyWars.