NEMO SKIN char limit

Hi, If you look at potatopie25s new community post, he’s in a nemo skin, how do I get that nemo drip on my skin(yes I love skin variants lol)

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you know, part of why they have it and you cant find it, is that they are a large youtuber, and people make those things for them to use, even just once, and never open it to the public

its also a texture pack lol, thats not an actual skin,


I’m watching the stream, that’s a legit skin lol


oh, well you said the community post, and it looked like a pack with a nemo for the armor

still, the first part applies, you probably cant get it at all

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I know what you’re talking about I’ll send it in a bit


Ari made it lmao and it’s definitely not a texture pack :crazy_face::hammer:


it really looked like it lol, and they only said the community post, so I wasn’t able to see if it was a skin at the time

That looks insane, be prepared for the invasion of knockback orca


When you put it on you have to do that

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Ok, I’ll do that
20.char Har

do you know how to do that??? i screwed up on mine XD

Ask @Ariannasv22 to help you sorry for ping ari

I’m not good at putting things on skin