Need some computer help/advice

So Im allowed to get a Pc. This is pretty big for me, as I’ve been a mobile gamer my entire life.

I don’t trust myself enough to build a pc, but I know a decent bit about hardware and that type of stuff.
Im looking to get a good prebuilt pc for £300-£800. I’ve already found a monitor that I will probably end up buying, along with a keyboard that looks pretty good and has good reviews.

Thanks for the help!


idrk about pcs, especially prebuilts, but custom builds are much better value and performance and upgrades than prebuilts.
as for keyboard, redragon k552 is a good keyboard, if you’re okay with loud clacking and don’t have people who it annoys.

or the gmmk if you have a bit more money, with glorious panda switches. If you need a mouse, for value, get a roccat or glorious mouse, id you want something lighter, glorious, medium weight, roccat kain or kone. griptape on the glorious mouse is preference based, but it is good imo.


This seems like a pretty good prebuilt for its price given the way the GPU market has gone, and the CPU market with it.


Edit: This says it is refurbished, but the actual product page doesn’t mention that so idk


After a uncomfortably long time searching, I found something decent here. At exactly your budget, this seems to be one of the best options


I found something here , it’s 90 pounds more than your budget though.
okay the link is working now

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Right now, tgt’s option looks great for me. I’ll probably have it by the end of the year (Atm Im doing some work earning money from the odd job) and if i still dont have enough then I could probably get the remainder for christmas. I might still get the laptop, but I’ll wait until closer to the time

Thanks for all of the help everyone!