Need help from an admin or moderator or someone of that caliber

I am literally unable to connect to the server on my xbox one. every time i try and load in, it tells me my connection timed out and that i am unable to connect to the world. and on a different xbox account i have, i load into the server in seconds. i have no clue what was going on. i’ve wondered if i’ve been banned, thought i have never done anything of a banable offense. if you can get banned for bad language, and if that’s why i’m banned, i hold my highest apologies and would not have done it if i was aware i could be banned and would like to ask for another chance.

When you are banned you would get a message that you are banned when you try to connect to the server.

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Hello there!

This is a very common issue going on now so the best you can do is restart your PC/device and if that does’t work try restarting your router. Even that doesn’t work try to sign-out of your xbox account on minecraft. These are tried and tested methods to solve this issue. If any of the above doesn’t seem to work you can dm me here in forums or you can dm me on discord ( Adi#0007) and surely we can figure a way to solve this! :grin:


Maybe your internet connection?

Or is Xbox feeling sick?

The only thing I suggest you to listen to the helper and try solving the issue

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