Necessary changes in the pvp of the server


Change server KB and remove excessive armor protection

More information:
The KB:
change the kb to a more comfortable one where the player can be easily lifted since the current one depends a lot on snowballs and arrows which is somewhat uncomfortable.

The armor proteccion:
They should put the normal damage of the armor since I noticed that the protection they have is excessive, an example is having a helmet and being beaten with a stone or wood sword and they barely lower half a heart or hit with the hand which does not does no harm

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And this seem like an idea that many people would have different opinions but I feel like most people like the kb on the hive for right now


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The pvp rn is very good, at it is easy to combo someone without snowballs or a bow


And what about the excess protection of the armor?

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The extra protection is wat makes the hive server different from the other server and I like and I bet others do to


All I’ll say is that changing the knockback and the armour system would be extremely unpopular, I wouldn’t mind the armour as much though

just based off of your stats, you probably dont have too much time played on the hive. trust me, as you play it more, you will get used to the pvp system. the dependence on projectiles may be a bit too much, but without them it would become either just trading hits, or just based off of cps.


as @thegamingtoyYT said it would be an unpopular to change the armour and kb physics but some advice is to play sky royale and survival games to get used to the kb physics then play some regular skywars for the armour physics training, even with underpowered armour your technique will change with said practice and well you will be a pro in no time

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[quote="tha hits, or just based off of cps.