Name type problem

Today I was going to play with a studentmate Minecraft BE. I created him an account with a phone number, but then when I invited him in a party, it says me there is no valid player. Him username is “miro06proto”. Then we played in a LAN world, but skins were buggy. What’s the issue?

Well , the person needs to join Hive first to get valid. LAN World has nothing to do with The Hive , nor with skins really being buggy.


he has to log into the hive first

He joined. And the party didn’t allowed to play with us.

Make sure you spelt their username right, the party isn’t full and they have party invites turned on (Settings > Hive Games Settings).


Ok. :slight_smile: The name is right, but LAN world success it, Hive not.

did you friend him? if so, does it say that he’s in hub, or does it say “null”?