Mystery Chest XP Booster


In the hub, randomly a mystery chest will spawn and you have to hunt it down first. Its similar to the mystery chest in skywars. If you find it, you get an XP boost in the next game you play!

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I do enjoy this idea, definitely a unique one. I do wonder how this would play out. Are you suggesting something similar to the gift system, in terms of it being completely region specific but not hub specific?

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It’s nothing like gifting, randomly a chest will spawn in the hub for players to find. These chests cannot be giftable.

That isn’t what I was referring to, I meant in terms of the chest being region specific but not hub specific.

I think what he means is that every so often in the hub (All Regions) a mystery chest will drop somewhere and first person that finds it will get a xp booster.

NOTE: Every couple of days in each hub server a xp booster will drop once

Good Idea! I always have wanted more intractable things in the hub, (like hidden hub titles,) So I think this is a really good idea!

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Thank you, this community is super nice! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for including my ‘only for the next game’ idea. This could definitely be tweaked a little bit but something like this would be nice to see.
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Thank you so much! I didn’t think I’ll get so many upvotes!