My Thoughts On Hive


I used to love playing on the hive frequently, and I have many fond memories of myself and my friends gaming on the server. However, recently the hive has become infuriatingly slow and glitchy to the point where it affects our gameplay. I cannot go ten minutes without myself or someone in my party relogging from the pink glitch. I understand that it is not Hive’s fault that this happens, but I do not get the pink glitch on any other minecraft servers which I play on. Therefore, I think they are not doing enough of their own work to fix their glitches. Hive also has failed to add many promised features, such as the arcade, pets, mounts, and most importantly a better anticheat and ingame reporting. The Hive is one of if not the most popular bedrock server, so therefore it has a lot of hackers and my friends and I notice them in games frequently. Other popular servers, however, have managed to keep their hackers under control. I do not understand why the Hive has not prioritized features that make the game a better and safer experience for all. Also, as a longtime Hive fan, it is very annoying how often they release seasonal changes and surprises such as the Sonic Update since these things are not on the public Roadmap. I understand that for the seasonal maps, the people working on them are not the same people programming the actual gameplay (and I appreciate the changes made to the hub), but for things like the costume scavenger hunts during holidays and the Sonic update, these things seem to genuinely take away focus from features that have been teased to our community for literal years. These features are also often limited time and do not stay forever while others can In conclusion, the Hive team seems like they are spending their time on trivial features that do not matter in the long run while their server remains buggy, contains hackers, and has not had any significant new minigames added.

Thank you for listening and please let me know what you think about the lack of getting stuff done on the server. I truly wish to see improvements and am just trying to vocalize my opinions on a server I still enjoy :blush::open_hands:


Agreed, The glitches are bad every 10 minutes i get a glitch what makes me log out of minecraft.

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that’s your own internet and device. for me and other people it’s the same as ever.

not a Hive glitch. can’t blame Hive for it, just wait for Minecraft to fix it sometime in 20 years
no, Hive can’t fix it. it just happens.

their working 24/7 on improving their server, and that includes glitches

pay attention, man. Mixed Arcade is being released incredibly, incredibly soon. pets are sort of out (Cubee), the anticheat is being improved all the time and i’ve seen it work many, many times.

not really. it’s more the playerbase. it’s less competitive on other servers so there are less people wanting to hack to win. pvp practice servers are competitive and thus have lots of
hackers. hive is semi-competitive too.

again, pay attention. it’s been quoted on the forums and Splodger has already said it on discord. they are focusing on permanent updates now instead of seasonal/ltm type ones.

this is untrue. they work on both. recently, like i said, they changed their priorities and this’ll be improved eventually.

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We appreciate your feedback!

We actually published a blog post earlier that addresses a lot of the points you’ve made in this post, I highly recommend giving it a read in full:

As for your comments about the ‘pink glitch’, the issue is entirely out of our control, and we have done as much as we possibly can from our side to prevent it from occurring. If you want to see this issue fixed, please direct your feedback towards the Minecraft team, and leave and upvote on their bug tracker:

Finally, in regards to your comments about the anti-cheat - we dedicate a lot of resources towards the development of our anti-cheat systems, and it gets updated on a daily basis. The anti-cheat team is entirely separate from those that work on server content, meaning that the anti-cheat is worked on all the time, despite whatever the rest of the team may be working on.

I hope this, and the blog post I linked clears things up, we have lots of awesome stuff to come in 2022, and we are focusing on permanent content :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m fairly certain that most of these things are coming in the future.

I think that’s just a reality of a Minecraft server. There will always be lag, and there will (probably) always be hackers.

I do agree with the main idea, in that the Hive should focus more on permanent changes, and not LTMs, but obviously the Hive is doing their best. :+1:

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Agreed, You are making a good point.

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