My Tactic for Treasure Wars

Here’s my Mobile Friendly tactic for TW

Finding the perfect game
To find the perfect game, you must keep these in mind

  • All players in your lobby must be lvl. 30 and below, higher than that do /q wars
  • Win10 players tend to have custom capes so if you see even the OF cape, they might be a KBM player
  • Sweats tend to just afk in the lobby
  • Do not play Mega, if you just want to level up quick, go to trios or solos


  • Vote for rushing maps like mushroom
  • Unless you have a full bright TP, do not vote maps that are dark in the start of the game like Oceanic

Game Start

  • If for example you got in a lobby with a high level player, look at their treasure, if it seems foreign to you, then it might be a high level player, just do the steps I say but a little quick
  • Prioritise blocks over swords, wool can defend your treasure and bridge so you must really put wool first at your shopping list
  • Try to get to the diamond gen first, that way, you can upgrade your gen and buy a sword and 32 wool

Mid Game

  • Try eliminating the other team
  • Once you are done eliminating the other team, get the gold in their gens and buy more wool, if you exceed 64 blocks, put the other in an e-chest, that way if you die, you have backup stuff to use
  • Rush the other team
  • Repeat
  • If for example, someone is already at mid collecting ems, do not go to them, get armour first and try to attack them

Late Game
You are in the late game stage if the timer is now nearing to 10 mins. both your enemy and you have iron/dia armor

  • If you have extra emeralds and diamonds, buy gaps, snowballs and ender pearls,
    Gaps cost 5 diamonds each
    6 snowballs cost 1 emerald
    Ender Pearls cost 3 emeralds each

  • Try to make them go down and combo/spam them with snowballs

Game End

  • Say GG if you have chat enabled ofc
    It’s the gamer law

  • Do /q wars if you want to play another game

                                           E  N  D  

that’s pretty much it, enjoy TW!
this took so long


let me introduce you to my friend: platform based matchmaking

its normally on, and if its not you cant do anything about it, its just the region not having many players

I mean thats like a really small detail, and I dont think it bothers anyone lol

idk about mobile, but on pc this is like asking to die, if you dont try to fight the other player at the dia gen, they will get your treasure

good idea, but I would suggest buying 3*32 wool to take with you, and leaving the other gold as gold, because if you can go to the e chest, you can usually use the shop

I mean ig this works because if you are collecting dias from even a single gen, you can get iron faster than they can get dia, but its not worth risking, I would at least go for their treasure, which might bait them back, and even if it doesnt I would kill them after

eh, I mean if someone stalls to late game, I think a bow is worth buying, snowballs are nice, but you only really need 12-18, gaps are mostly worthless, and pearls aren’t too good in tw

gg is better lol

also im just making some corrections from a pc point of view, idk how it is on mobile. @BlueSlimeMC please correct my corrections.

generally its a decent guide, and may work well on mobile, but on pc if you survive the early game you may find yourself in the late game far too often lol




That Mobile Player: HaCkS!!11!1!!!11!

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yes. or try and prioritize them over other teams if you can’t type fast enough

Mobile has a very high skill ceiling on bridging (You must be really good at timing, lucky or have a good device). with the usual best being sprint-bridging (Without jumps). choose which map suits your bridging skill, and thus your gameplay (Offensive or defensive)

yes. the only exception to this rule is if you have a teamate who already have wool and is about to rush mid or siderush (in which you support with a sword). if you are fighting on mobile though be wary as you could accidentally place the wool instead of punching

do this if your situation is safe. if not, make it safe (Your team and another basically neck on neck)

situational. if you feel like you can take them on. go for it. declining diamond gear to your opponent is pretty important. if not try to just scare them from mid

1 - Snowball/Bow to counter diamond armour and skybaser
2 - Special tools (gaps, pearl, compass, tnt) if the situation demands it or that could help you

oh and, being a mobile player just means you are just a bit slower compared to other platforms (Bridging, turning, shooting) so keep that in mind, pre aiming - Ambush tactics are mobile friendly tactics. (You can also sneak while looking at chest/shops!)

face against pc/controller player only if you got your flanks covered. your weakness is one, you cant turn and hit at the same time.


q dodging in TW lol that’s scummy

ur not gonna get better by playing bad players


uh… You know that people can easily just connect a kbm to their mouse and go into the mobile queue. people on android are able to get custom capes using the BionicBen method too.

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iirc the kb&m dont work the same as they do on pc, idk I think @Conhadda said that. Apparently people can get proper integration with toolbox, and let me tell you, if they have toolbox the kb&m isnt even a slight concern compared to some other things


adding onto this, level does not equal skill
just practice against good players and you will get better


adding again. level does not mean skill but more to playtime (Multiplied by play skill. but thats a variable we cant count)

If you had a close or intense match with someone, with similar gears. then you’ve met your match. practice with those kind of players and improve from mistakes, defeat or victories

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Yes yes, I am sorry for not including the quote by Pizzas but PBMM is bad here, I played TW like 4 times and saw PC players next to me 3 times, and no do not say that 1.2 brought PC players to server, no, it just allowed crossplay which has no connection to PBMM whatsoever, adding up to the fact, do yall really know what it feels like in mobile?

Lemme list some disadvantages

  1. You cannot change slots while holding drawing back a bow

  2. You cannot send commands fast like in PC, you need some chat tweaks or something

  3. We cannot MJ/Jump Bridge

  4. We dont have shortcuts for dropping items/toggling perspectives

  5. We cannot W-Tap as well as PC player

  6. We cant even exceed 7 cps

  7. Lag

  8. Its harder to record hackers

The list can go on and on but imma stop here
PC/Console players will never experience the pain of playing in mobile if they haven’t still tried or played there

I mean it might not exactly be the pbmm’s fault, it could be someone using a controller, which they cant prevent

1 - annoying, but not really a problem for me

2 - I dont really use commands, pc or mobile

3 - Which makes speedbridging pretty hard. those who can walkbridge dominates others who can not.

4 - Dragging items from one slot to another are easier. dropping/equipping items without opening inv are annoying

5 - yes

6 - yeah, but aim is more important, so yeah

7 - true for most phone/tablets

8 - yes

haha yes. ive been in both sides.

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most of ur points are valid but this is false

being on mobile doesn’t provide lag, it’s ur internet provider

actually i find it easier to record cheaters on mobile, at least on ios in the control center there’s a screen record option. obviously pc has far more advantages but personally recording is easier for me on mobile

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Its harder to record hackers because if you are in an Android device version 9 below, ur phone dont have a built in screen recorder, sure the game bar version of Samsung will fix that right? No, you cant even turn off ur mic, you record, ur mics on and you cant do anything bout it

Also, no you cant blame ur ISP if you lag
Let me introduce you to the 2GB and below ram group

Pretty good thread!

What other maps are good to play on?

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i was talking about my experience on mobile lol. personally i lag more on pc

not even true. not at all. I just recorded a video on my 4 year old galaxy s8 running android 9, using game tools, which is built in. I proceeded to edit that with the built in editor, and took out the audio. not hard at all. iirc I could do that on android 8 too.

also apps like mobizen are always an option


my strat is just keep rushing idc bout my treasures bruh

It doesn’t work like windows ten

The cursor is weird and the lag is bad

But alright

Oops bump

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