My ping is laggy but i have a 50mpbs wifi(closed)

So i used to be a hive main because my ping was just normal like 27-17 heck even 9 but when i switched from mobile controller to laptop i got like 197 ping
And this make my pvp skills ya know garbage my laptop has like 2gb of storage bc its literally a hp stream laptop but now i found myself playing call of duty mobile on my phone more can someone help me with this problem?

Hello there! :wave:t2:

if the issue isnt with your laptop or internet. altho i think 50mbps is little, i think the issue is with the hive’s servers it was off a while ago and only just got back online, traffic is probably causing a bit of lag. and unfortunately there is nothing you can do if thats the case.

OR you are in the wrong region. try changing your region by clicking on the world dude in the entrance of the castle in the hub iirc.

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i used the hive asia port still 197 ping dont know why if i play call of duty mobile i have like 12 ping and yeah maybe because hive just went back online

but still i dont really know why

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you dont need to know.
based on how you conveniently used codm as a comparison, i dont think you will understand how servers work.

yeah maybe i should just accept the lag thanks btw

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Sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing high latency, the following should clear this up, we hope that the issues are resolved soon :slightly_smiling_face:

oh yeah forgot to tell one more thing 2 days ago i had my old ping back for 1 day (17 ping).though ill just accept the lag for now