My opinion on what Hive could change to improve bridge

  • Fix the scoreboard so it correctly displays the points for each side
  • Add more maps (I know they rushed it and didn’t make other maps, but seeing the same old map gets boring)
  • Please REMOVE the leap all together its just too op to fly through the air even after being heavily nerfed people still just mj bridge over you and its annoying when your not as good at bridging
  • Add the “Chemical Plant” Sonic Treasure Wars Duo map back as a bridge map because its SO cool, and a lot of people like it, but make sure the water insta-kill players, I feel this map could be a great addition to the bridge
  • Add more balanced kits
  • When you break 1 block you get 2 blocks back (I know this is an on going issue going to be fixed)
  • Each map should have its own unique differences and make sure you can’t place blocks near your goal because its VERY annoying when people just camp their goal and make it so you can’t score

Please don’t try to stack up each suggestions in one topic. So that everyone can judge the suggestions separately instead of just one topic. Feel free to ask if you’re confused.

I mean its only tips they don’t have to do them, its just my opinion anyone could judge the suggestions the Topic is just what I put as the name of the post because its for THE BRIDGE and its for TIPS its only my opinion and theirs a small chance Hive would actually see this post

That’s not my point. You can create suggestions as long as they’re not dupe and the topic itself are not stacking many suggestions.

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Please try to limit to one suggestion per thread. This is so everyone knows exactly what is being voted for :slightly_smiling_face: