My lost loginstreak

Hello hive, ive recently loged into the hive on January 3rd and 4th and today January 5th i somehow lost my loginstreak. I remember playing treasure wars with my friend before going to bed verry clearly and it was a 72 day loginstreak. Ive been trying to get “the dedicated” hub title for the 100 day loginstreak. And i just lost it to this. If there is anyway that the hive moderators could help me. (I purpled I) get my loginstreak back that would be greatly appreciated.

ummmm maybe on the 4th you logged on when it was still the 3rd in uct time
and u assumed u had it and logged off
sorry i cant help much


I think you logged on before the day ended and logged off after it started. You have to relog when the day restarts. I know from my 365 loginstreak experience. Basically what the guy above me said

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Hello I purpled I welcome to forums .The Hive clearly said there is no way to get login streak back I am sorry for you


Thanks for info but when I read about login streaks is support it was written there is no way to get it back so I told no problem and thanks again for the info

I’m assuming he logged on before the reset and he assumed he got it.
And I’m pretty sure it’s right.
If he did in fact do that, then he can’t get it back because it’s his fault.
They have stated that they would only give you back the loginstreak if it was a problem on their side.

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