My issue with mobile players

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Hello, i play on a console and, every time that it appears a mobile player, i get obliteraded. i tried to create stradegies that coud help me in the time of need but, as i said, im a console player, so, my reaction is slower and not that acurate, and, rapid reaction is a needed thing to win versus mobile players. i cant count how many times a men was cliking me in (normaly) impossible ways and i thinked that he was aim botting (a hack that consists in the hacker having some kind of a circle whitch the hacker is in that, when the enemy tries to get close to atack, hes imediatly attacked, so, if a hacker like that is opening a chest but, every time that you get close you get attacked he is 100 percent aim botting) but he was just a mobile player. can anyone give me tips of how to defeat mobile players? But, nontheless, i think that mobile players who play whith toching controls are hacking and i think that, when mobile players enter in (at least) the hive server, hive should put 100 percent of the time the aim play sistem and block the touching controls. No more free hits that are impossible to get. even having some disaventages, i think that the positives overcome the negatives because, good mobile players whith the touching control train their camera for 5 minutes and bam, their better than anyone else because if you move your screen faster and more efficiently, they can have the power as legit as a hacker. They dont train 1/4 that a computer player trains to be a pro player and they get triple of the results. Tell in the comments what do you think of my statement. You agree or disagree? And before you say that moving the camera as a mobile player to aline the corsor in the target is a dificult task your right, but i already saw on youtube mobile player pros that use the cursor sistem and are cracked at the game. Every mobile player can become pro if they are determined to do so. to became a good player you must work to do it, not pass 10-5 minutes to get an unfair adventage.

please coment saying how to win mobile players and what do you think of my treat but please, dont send negatividy or say that i am sutid for beliving on this, just say that you dont agree with me, okay? Lets be positive. And sorry for me not putting screen shots on the treat. And, comment my english errors, i alyays want to inprove.

Snowballs… They usually cant place blocks fast enough to counter them.


thanks, but how fast do you reed?

I lurk the forums and I usually dont read all of it.

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I very much disagree with this statement. But first of welcome to the :beedance: forums. The reason I disagree is that mobile have an advantage (coming from a mobile player) is that being that bridging is a lot sloweron mobile, and it is harder to do combo’s and trading hits.

If you think the person was cheating you can go to the Hive discord and report them there. But you will need evidence of them cheating.

I would read this

I wrote 5 paragraphs but changed it to be more positive

Before I discuss my thoughts let me just declare that I am a pc player, I disagree with this post however, and will explain why:

Also if you click on the link I showed and scrole down to @thegamingtoyYT’s reponse he responded to the original statements really well.

But keep in mind that the last comment was in February so try not to necro post (reply to a post that is really old) unless you have something which is adding to the conversation but even then it isn’t suggested.


Practice mate…

Spawn could beat an average pc player, and he’s raw mobile.
(he’s one of the best asian mobile players)

its all about the practice and the grind.


You use his the link to his statement

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I also want to show both sides of the argument so I just posted the original one.

maybe early on, mobile players are superior, but when console and pc players get used to the game mobile has no chance…

its really really hard to look around while pvp’ing, especially on a phone.
its really hard to multitask while on mobile.

if a game has a player you dont like, play another one…
you dont have to win every single game.


if someone isnt hacking there isnt a lot we can do…


Im gonna start this off by saying that I’m a mobile player, have been for about a year. Some weaknesses that I’ve noticed is it is difficult for me to get combos when the person that I am fighting straifs behind me, so I would definitely recommend that. Another thing that is maybe a little mean, but effective is to fight mobile players around things that open a menu, gold upgrade, shop, etc. on mobile, you have to reach your finger up to the top middle of your device to close it, which is enough time for you to get some extra damage in.

Hope this helps, and best of luck :slight_smile:


Just play the game more
and you’ll get better.

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ok but thanks

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thanks for your opinion. i apresiate not sending hate. just thot that its easy for them to get free hits. sometimes that is the neded to win a batle.

this coud be because im practicing during 3 months, need to practice more, thanks for the help and the positivity

thanks but i think that the shop thing is mean to mobile players.

thanks for the help. i apresiate it but a person already said that. thanks nonedeless.

I jitter tap lol

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Usually a pretty easy way to defeat mobile players is to just move around a lot while pvping, it might be hard to do on a controller, but constantly moving will make it semi-difficult for a mobile player to beat you

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Evasive maneuvers


thanks, il try, my pvp is based at me doging the enemy and then start a combo anyway, think it should work.