My Guide for Noobies to get free Xp: Skywars

A lot of players says it and that is to try to be good but if you’re a new player on the realms of hive pvp mechanics I can give you a guide on which is to do if you’re not that good at pvp but still wanna get some precious xp.

  1. Break the mystery chest
    XP count: 10

By far one of my simplest guide and that doesn’t require that much pvp. All you gotta do is go to mid and try to open chest to get loot and free 10 xp. Overall if you try opening all 3 mystery chest on one game you are guaranteed to get 30xp in total.

  1. Use fire spell on enemies.
    XP count: 10 or more

If you see an enemy and you saw that it has a weak armor try using a fire spell. Fire spell plus with sword damage gives you extra advantage on taking an enemy down. Thus giving you 10 xp per kill if you’re not that good in pvp. You can get fire spells on mystery chests on mid or try to mine it on lazuli blocks which can be found anywhere on the map.

  1. Party with pro people so you are guaranteed for win xp.
    XP count: 50 per game

Winning a game gives you free 50 xp per game and partying with good people guarantees you are gonna lvl up fast on skywars.

  1. Login for 10 days straight
    XP count: 10% additional per game

If you logged on hive for 10 days straight you can get yourself 10% xp boost on all games on the server. Thus when you get 100 xp for example it gives you extra 10xp per game.

With all combined, 50+30+10+10= 100 xp per game but it can be increased with hive plus and booster. It can be increased to more than 150-200 xp per game if you got good at the game.


Note: This is only for those who STRUGGLE at pvp. If you can already get more than 100 xp or more per game then good for you.


It’s 10% and directly not 10 xp

good guide :+1:

Spell don’t give you xp

I know but it guarantees you a kill that can give you 10 xp.

Yeah I know it’s just an example. Thx for feedback :smiley:

Not really…
Partying with pro people equals queueing into games with more pro people, so a win isn’t guaranteed

You can level up fast if you get help from some friends, but it isn’t some crazy and OP strategy that will make you max level overnight

I don’t believe that’s the case considering there could be days that you don’t queue with them that much and there are many factors that play on how many sweats play on the hive. Plus with a good teammate they can provide you with backup whenever you are targeted at the game.