My code for the mail bee does not work

i have tried multiple times to use the code but it just does not work i have even used another code but still it does not work :confused: :confused:

Hello, I would suggest either making a topic on #server-bug-reports or contacting a mod :slight_smile:

Hope this helps! Hive a great day! :beedance:

As @Wizzotech said you can file a bug report or contact a mod but you could also type in chat (in-game) /newsletter! If this problem still resolves try unsubscribing and resubscribing and then get a new code. Hope that helps! Have a great rest of your day :splodger: :splodger: :beedance: :cubee: :beedance:

i got a new code today but it still doesn’t work :confused: and i even unsubscribed

Sorryy for the late response, the only thing you can do is file a bug report (link provided above by Wizzotech)
Hive a great rest of your day/night! :beedance: :beedance:

hey so ya all you can do is file a bug report, but you could type in chat /newsletter and If its stillnot working try unsubscribing and resubscribing hopefully thatll work !! :cubee: also if you need the link to re get it here it is Subscribe

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Sorry, but I already said (the exact sam thing) above.


i wanted to give them the link to re sign up if they need it :+1: