Murder Mystery Role Percentage

Actually i think it’s fake because every game must have one sheriff and one murderer and each game (with same number of people) has very different percentages, can anyone explain how the percentage works

The percentage is affected by the other player’s percentage which all add up to 100% for each role. Also if you get 15% for a role then it doesn’t mean you will get it, you could have Sheriff at 0.3 and still get it but the chances are small, But never zero…


Well, but the percentages should be the same every round, isn’t it?

No, when your sheriff percentage increases or decreases, it’s mostly because

a) someone who hasn’t been sheriff for a long time (many consecutive games) joins the lobby and has a lot of sheriff chance (percentage)

b) you were sheriff in the previous game(s), your chance to become sheriff decreases.

If you join a game and you’re the first to join the lobby, if you observe the chances, you have all or most of the murderer and sheriff percentages. Then as players join this will decrease because someone who hasn’t been murderer for a lot of games would get a high chance of being murderer. However, if someone else, who has more chances of being the murderer joins, they will be the murderer for that game


Ohhh!!! I see. I thought that was completely random!

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This message will help a lot better, also once you get that role the token chances resets.


I got murderer back to back once lol. The percentage was 0.1 or something lol like that

usually when I grind MM to get to lvl 100 sometimes I get like 37% chance of murd for ages and get nothing so it wont mean u will get it if u have a high chance

Ok I understand now. Thanks a lot.