Murder Mystery Percentage System + Inactive killers

Yeah, just a few things to point out. I am not a 7 year old raging because of these two problems, I just find it a bit annoying now. And also, there may or may not be any similar topics for this forum post. But I do want to give out my opinion.

So this is an everyday thing, I should say. I will be starting off with the “Percentage System”. I find it very annoying that it doesn’t really work properly. For example, I play murder mystery a lot with my brother. Maybe even 30-50 rounds a day. However, here is what I learned from some of my experiences. I’ll put out 30 rounds for an example.
My brother was a murderer three times and a sheriff two times. But me, on the other hand, I only get to be a murderer once or no murderer role at all. Of course I get to be the sheriff a few times, but I find it weird and annoying.

Another issue that I am having with most of my murder mystery experiences are inactive killers. Sure, one tip I can give out is to shoot anyone who is afk. They do have a chance of being the murderer if it is just quiet. But even if they are not the murderer, there are still inactive killers. They won’t kill, like at all in a whole round. So me and my brother have to manually ask the killer to start killing and they just start killing that way. I don’t want to do that every time, but I do have a solution that might work out.

The system is detecting the player’s activity. If they stay still and not move for about a minute, then the system kicks out the inactive player and then the round is over. This saves a lot of time other than running around, shooting each other, and getting coins.

Thank you for reading this forum post. I hope it gets resolved soon. :slight_smile:


Firstly, about the percentage system, from what I’ve heard, the Hive makes it so everyone in the game has “tokens” in Murder Mystery. You can get more “tokens” by playing more and not leaving the game. Once you get to be Sheriff or Murderer, the tokens for that role goes back to the beginning. It’s supposed to make it fair for everyone.

For the thing about you and your brother, this can happen. One day, I played like 100 rounds without leaving, and I was not the Murderer at all during that. And sometimes the percentage system can be pretty weird and sometimes “unfair”. Once, I was murderer twice in a row. I have also seen this happen to several other people so I know this wasn’t just me. And I have also been sheriff twice in a row too (about 2 different times).

For inactive killers, yes I can see how that is an issue. Nobody’s killing anybody, and then people just start deciding to randomly shoot each other. From my experience, the “inactive killers” are either just AFK people or people around level 2 where they have no idea what to do.

Also I’m not sure if the last paragraph is a suggestion, so if it is, maybe change the topic from #games to #suggestions ? But yeah, that seems like a nice idea although it’s a duplicate suggestion. Try using the search feature at the top of your screen that looks like a magnifying glass next time you make a topic.


Ah, I see now. I had no idea how the system works at first, but I’m glad that you gave me a clear explanation of what is going on.

And I’m sorry for adding a suggestion in my post when it should’ve been in another place. I’ll try not to forget about doing the same mistake again in the future.

But without being said, thanks for replying to my post!