Murder Mystery isn’t much of a “mystery” anymore

You guys probably know what I mean.

What people thing Murder Mystery is:

  • Everyone must try and find out who the killer is over time

What it actually is:

  • Murderer acts like they are Jason Vorhlees, has their sword out all of the time and kills everyone they see which results in the game ending very fast.

I barely see any actual good games. You might as well call it Murder “Massacre” unless some changes are made


okay, thats all well and good.
but you want to change… what exactly?
You’re not providing an idea or solution.


honestly if they don’t play blatant then you’re fine.

Kill Cooldown would be great!!


@EnderSkoom I agree with you

Don’t think that’s a good idea, the point is to get ten coins and find the murder without getting killed. Bow cooldown is understandable, It gives challenge to the game when you miss, etc.
Kill cooldown could make the murder underpowered than everybody else.


Murder mystery is meant to be a fast paced mafia type game, if you want a slow paced one play among us.

I also disagree with the op, it’s still a mystery, if you see them holding a sword just say who it is, and get 10 coins to shoot them.


Why say who it is when apparently it’s frowned upon yet the logic of not doing it doesn’t sound right at all

Some people frown on that, but most are fine with it, it is a team game after all

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i do want to say that being blatant as a murderer would be way more fun and enjoyable then doing it sneaky

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It depends on how you like to play. Some people like to be sneaky.


It is frowned upon when you do it after they kill you.
If you type at the speed of light^2 and decide its a good idea to stop and say who it is as they chase you, thats fair, at least to me.

I agree with the first part, but not the second. It might as well be called “Murderer Dies”. In at least 9/10 games, the murderer loses.


Yeah, it’d be nice if the murderer had a higher chance of winning. I’m actually giving suggestions for it. It’s also annoying when you get a murderer who goes on a rampage and nobody manages to shoot him, but fortunately, that’s not often the case.

In my opinion, chatting in game when in a match should be disabled.
Commands can be functional, ofc.

And they should also add a kill cooldown to the murderer. It exists for the sheriff when the “Zapper” takes some time to be usable again. The “Throwable Item” has a cooldown.

So should the sword imo.

it is a mystery sometimes but also not. Im currently grinding MM and all I can say is that u kinda just get some kills without anyone noticing then just mass kill a group of players. Thats basically how to game goes

does PCs will be also affected?
party chat not personal computer

surely it’s good for you to say who the murderer is? you’re working as a team to figure out who the murderer is and kill them, so why would it be frowned upon to do exactly that?


Yea I agree, the sheriff is supposed to kill the murderer, and the innocents can tell the sheriff who the murderer because they can

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