Murder Mystery Glitch

People can have the same skin and i know its not really a glitch but its kinda annoying cause there are like 4/6 steve’s every game and people / friends can just put on the same skin and team up, Thanks for reading


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If it’s not a glitch then why did you call it a glitch. Also same skins shouldn’t matter

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They do matter because if you see someone holding a knife who is a yellow steve, then later see another yellow Steve you’ll automatically shoot them thinking it’s the same person.

It’s not that big of a problem, but one way the hive could solve it is by giving everyone in the game a random skin (all different skins of course)


i called it a glitch cause its a bug report and its kind of a glitch depend on how you see it and its annoying that people can have the same skin i get why you think it shouldn’t matter that mutch but when you have 4/6 steve’s in you’re game or 3 friends that put on the same skin its kinda annoying.

True or maybe they could do it like among us with color’s cause that would make snitching in chat also harder cause they can hide it when someone say yellow in chat.

Or only make yellow steve’s be random colors(that aren’t already taken), like with this suggestion.

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An idea I’ve had for a while to fix this “loophole” (I guess that’s what it’s called?) is to give everyone a team, like in Skywars. Above them it would say like, “Red Team”, or maybe “Red”. This way, even if EVERY SINGLE PERSON is wearing the same skin, people can be told apart. I honestly have no idea if this is a good or bad idea, so please tell me lol. :slight_smile:

THATS THE BEST IDEA, Yea just make a color right above the head and you shoot on the skin that has the color above his skin so you know who it is.