Move emotes above nametag

Currently when you use /emote the emoji shows inside your nametag. This obstructs the view of the emote and is a bit annoying. I suggest that we move these to above the player’s nametag for convenience. I don’t think this would be too hard to implement and would be a nice quality of life feature.

Here is a screenshot of the current emote placement:

Thank you @ThunderBoomPika for helping me with the screenshot and thank you for reading my suggestion! :smile:

Edit: I just realized your name is at a different height without a hub title. This could lead to some issues if the person doesn’t have a hub title equipped because it would be really high up in comparison to their name. I think the emote should always rest directly above the top of the player’s nametag, but idk how that would work.

Making a reply so it doesn’t bump whenever I edit the post. Also I would like to hear other people’s opinions about this!

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massive bump

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Yeah I agree with the whole emote-update thing :joy: need an easier way than the chat thing

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