Mounts in Pirate Cave

Woah woah woah. Put down your proverbial torches and pitchforks down and hear me out. As an additional reward for unlocking the final reward you should be able to use mounts in the pirate cave! And in order to make sure nobody can just hitch a ride on a cruiser or pirate ship you will only be able to use the spaceship and bumblebee mounts or as @masonmasterbot suggested it could just kick you from the mount. As a person whose experienced the mount glitch I just think it would be cool to fly around the pirate cave since it’s a rather cool location.

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Yes I just wanna fly in the cave again :sob: hmm I wonder where you found that mount glitch :slight_smile:
Also people who are not finished could just be kicked from cruiser/pirate mount when they enter cave with mount similar to how the vip tower works


Hmm… I wonder where you found that mount glitch :aggressive_laughter:


Officer I swear I’m clean. My friend Phil was the one who did it lol. I never managed to do it myself.


Where and what ist The pirate cave?

It was from Hive’s last summer event. This suggestion is no longer needed.

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