Most Voted TW Ideas!

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Treasure Wars

    1. [Kill cap in Treasure Wars] (Kill cap in Treasure Wars) by @Ryan - 8 votes (16 votes if using poll)
    1. Groupfill Option by @zPxladiin - 9 votes
    1. New TW Custom Chest GUI Item Shop Idea by @kPin - 9 votes
    1. Buff iron armor in TWs by @sanicgamer80 - 10votes
    1. Invisible Bedrock Ceiling by @SilentLattice31 - 10 votes

    2. Autoban early breaks by @BlazeDrake - 11 votes

    1. X and Z coordinate restrictions by @SilentLattice31 - 12 votes
    1. “Favorites” tab in the item shop by your favorite suggestion maker @Ryan - 16 votes
    1. Treasure Wars - Ranked Gamemode by EditedWoods - 17 votes
    1. Changing generator colors by @BlueSlimeMC - 18 votes
    1. Alive players in treasure wars by @BlueSlimeMC - 21 votes
    1. Treasure Wars Gold Splitting by @ThanPixel - 26 votes
    1. Kills and Treasure breaks in chat by @BlueSlimeMC - 55 votes

Which 5-6 ideas were your favourites?

  • Kills and treasure breaks in chat

  • Kill cap in treasure wars

  • Treasure Wars Gold Splitting

  • Alive players in treasure wars

  • Autoban early breaks

  • Changing generator colors

  • Treasure Wars / Ranked Gamemode

  • “Favorites” tab in item shop

  • X and Z coordinate restrictions

  • Invisible Bedrock Celling

  • Buff iron armor in TWs

  • New TW Custom Chest GUI Item Shop Idea

  • Treasures Lost counter

  • Groupfill Option

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edit: Will be trying my best to update the vote count!

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f i forgot to select the option to show the voters, is it possible for an admin to help me change it?


If they don’t put treasures breaks and kills in chat imma be mad

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54 votes, how could they not?

They’ll probably do it once they release the twars update. But I think the DR one will get a higher priority, as it has more votes on trello

Will make a thread on most voted DR ideas as well



Bump—updated again

Will you update the poll too?

I can’t D:

I’m going to make a new one in Feburary.

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i said i was going to make one in feburary…

ok making rnedit: done! please vote