More Levelling for treasurewars!

Once you reach Lvl 50 in tw, it becomes quite boring to just play to play. I would suggest to add up to a Lvl 100, or, if possible, infinite Levels like hypixel!

  1. The Hive is not Hypixel
  2. I believe Hive is already planning on doing that, I think it was told by staff.
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  1. Yeah ik that i was just using hypixel as an example
  2. Ok cool!
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They should focus on other games like DR and HNS first, but I’m all for new levels once all games have 50 levels

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They will add levels till lvl 75 “soon”.

They like to give cosmetics for almost all the levels, that’s why it takes time.


yeah okay, i main tw so i was not aware that are games that don’t already have 50 levels

Yeah i understand that ok

please don’t double post

Read rules more carefully


Thanks for backing me up man

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