More hub things


So this might sound stupid but what if when you reach a goal you get elytra in the hub

More information:
What if when you hit max level on all games you unlock elytra in the hub or when you buy it in the quest shop with like 5000 points this might be abit cheating for events but you need to earn it and its hard and maybe add more hub secrets with it so its useful cause i really liked the dora the explorer thing

A creative idea, but in my opinion that would make the lobby quite chaotic and people are sure to find bugs :frowning:


me flexing that i hav nearly 300 logins streak will get that ezz

look now :rofl: :rofl:

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maybe one year, not 500 days

there you go!!! :crazy_face:

I don’t think it should involve the login streaks. It doesn’t show skill like maxing every game does, and even dedicated players miss a day every once and awhile