More Features + Maps

I think that you could be able to know who the murderer is when you are a spectator but you can’t tell the players who it is. When you are in a party you should only be able to start a new game unless all players in the party are dead or they won. A new map could be Paradise Island where there is an island with a large town, a beach, and some of the Eso Hotel stuff(I didn’t know what they are called, when you have a coins and select that item). Also add coconuts, 12 coins, gives you a 30 second speed buff. Also add vents, Murderer and sherif can go in it.

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This suggestion might be what you are suggesting, so when you click on the teleporting compass, you can see who is murderer by seeing the color of the name. As for maps, we cant really know when the Hive is going to plan adding more maps, since the build team is probably working on more necessary things.

We already have something similar, teleporters, I do agree there could be more of these in other maps

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