More disconnection messages

Idea : Add some more disconnection messages.

More info : Currently, when you leave the server/game in Survival Games, you get only one disconnection message : <player> left the fight early.

This is a great idea, but would be more fun if there are more of them.
I got the idea from Minecraft Championship, in which there are various death/disconnection messages (idrk about the disconnection messages but yeah).

Here is a list of my disconnection messages ideas. I know the message shouldn’t be inappropriate or not obvious that the player disconnected.

  • <player> disconnected.
  • <player> got lost searching for loot
  • <player> ragequitted (might be a little bit inapproprate )
  • <player> had to eat lunch.
  • <player> was too busy to play.
  • <player> deleted Minecraft.
  • <player> ran out of battery.

Those are just examples and Hive can add/remove some of them.
If you agree with this please vote on it at the top of this suggestion.

this would also be cool for skywars


Yeah sg, Sky and tw would be cool.