Monthly Event

The idea is simple but somewhat difficult to implement

A monthly event that is related to the monthly Costume , In this case it is the Warden, and the event could give you some QP for completing it so you can buy the costume or just save them, And so on every month, if the next month’s Costume is something related with food, They could decorate the hub and do a food event

This idea is simply bc The Hive do an event every 6 months, and the event is completed in a single day.

That’s it, a simple idea but hard to make it work

I don’t think they should decorate the whole hub every month for this, they could probably change an island for this like for the Warden, The Island Would Look Like The Deep Dark. This could have some small parkour and be like a Photo Shoot with the Costume.

Yes, or just a small Hunt every month according to the monthly Costume