Mobile op or not

i wonder is mobile op r not on one hand its hard to speed bridge and move but you can get used to that and in pvp you don’t have to look at people just hold down te attack button can be anywhere on the screen I dunno what ye guys think

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“attack button”
Never heard of that for mobile

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He means tapping on where the player is so they don’t have to be right in front of you. This is without split screen.

It’s not.


I use split controls in mobile so I’m actually not benefiting from those circle things in mobile. I know PC players can be a disadvantage to mobile considering they can hit while aiming, while in mobile, it’s not easy to swipe while tapping. Well I guess, that won’t be an issue with a non-split.

Different devices have different pros and cons, I wouldn’t call them op. It’s just a challenge for us now to battle different people with different devices. I guess, we just have to not mind what other people have, and try enhance our skill through battling them.

for bridging yes u can diagonal god bridge

mobile players gangsta until the enemy is behind them


Aiming with a mouse is still easier than tapping on a screen (especially on small devices)

I guess an argument can be made that non split is easier than controller if you’re new.

I’d say that the bad movement and the need to tap and hold for right click actions already place touch players at a big enough disadvantage regardless of aim.


If you want tips about battling non split mobike players…

Majority of people plays minecraft in a normal settings and not lefty. So you can try avoid their attacks by going to their left because that means they have to reach you with their right hand across their screens.

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meant the screen srry

I mean… pc is way more op then mobile just becuz the controls could be easier. But like my friend is on mobile and they are pretty good becuz they have been on mobile for a while, but it’s hard to bridge fast. You can’t Jump Bridge so it’s kinda hard to do a fast bridge too. If you are using a controller for mobile then it’s like you are on console and it’s pretty cool. I used to be on mobile and it was hard for me at least for a long time lol :laughing: anyone else agree? :beedance: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would say pvp with mobile is easier than controller (at least for me)
But everything else mobile is at a disadvantage

Though there’s people like Oreologist and CaptainSwift who can even beat average-intermediate PC players I’m sure so it really depends on the person (but pc is better in like 99% of the cases)