Mobile-Only Treasure Wars

Since the Hive is experimenting with using platform-based matchmaking on SkyWars solos (which I am very thankful for), I think it would be great to implement this into Treasure Wars too especially Treasure Wars solos.


A quick reminder that the mobile matchmaking system is in testing right now, meaning it won’t come to TW straight away. Also, since you are suggesting something, you need to change the forums category to #suggestions using the pencil icon.

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Hence why I said “experimenting” with it. I know it won’t come right away this is just a suggestion for the future.


this is much more needed in skywars, mobile players can godbridge but pvp is not so easy, twars isnt an all pvp game, if you use brains you can win, a sneaky destroyer lol

nice initiative btw you earn my vote :))


would this be made so pc, xbox and switch players cant join the servers and play on the mobile TW?
@LAVA.KILLERR welcome to the forums!! :tada::tada::tada::tada:


This has been suggested manyy times before and wouldn’t this ruin the point of bedrock edition?
It was made so that a mobile player could play with pc so taking that option away would be out of place. :thinking:

like other servers they could make it so that if mobile wants to play with other platform they play on the main one, not the mobile only mode.

im pretty sure there will be a different npc for mobile servers and if other platforms try to join it, they’re sent to the main server.

@xsurvived I agree crossplay is great, but I don’t think it is perfect for any competitive gametypes, as certain platforms have certain advantages above others, making it harder to do well. Bedrock was initially just Pocket Edition, and I’ve seen significant drops in success in games since PC has joined, and I’d prefer it to be how it was initially.

I think crossplay is great for casual games, such as Hide and Seek or Deathrun, or just good old survival Minecraft.


If their testing this for skywars then I’m sure that they’ll bring this to all the pvp gamemodes if they determine that the new match making works.


yass this will be so good as i will not get killed immediately. (iim a mobile player)